Purchase, Lease or Rent your Ice Machine

Purchase, Lease or Rent your Ice Machine

Ice machines are important for your business, but there are different options for how you can acquire one. As you’ll see, there are advantages to each choice.

Purchase, Lease, or Rent an Ice Machine?

Purchase: Outright purchasing the ice machine is best if you have the initial capital, as well as the means to pay for all maintenance and expenses as the ice maker ages. If you generally stay current on maintenance, no different than an oil change for your vehicle, then you may use purchasing to your advantage, as it is usually the best for long-term savings. 

Lease: If you want to avoid a large initial cost, leasing your ice machine may be the best option. While the final cost of leasing your ice maker will be more expensive than an upfront purchase, you can stretch the payment for three to four years helping your cashflow. You will still be responsible for maintaining the machine, but you will be the owner once paid off.

Rentals: If you do not have the capital for a purchase, time for maintenance or repairs, you will certainly find that renting an ice machine is the best option. You never own the machine and are basically paying for monthly ice without the headache of dealing with the machine repair or maintenance. While this might cost more over the long run, once you factor in the costs associated with repairs, cleaning, parts and maintenance, you will have saved over the long run. 

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