Manitowoc Ice Machine Serial Numbers

Manitowoc Ice Machine Serial Numbers

Having the serial number for your Manitowoc ice machine, bin or dispenser will enable you to determine the manufacturing date or age of any Manitowoc equipment. If it is your equipment, it will also help determine if your machine is still in warranty or if there are any recalls or service updates. When you call a technician, it will also enable faster service so they can pull all the history on the machine. These numbers are usually buried in the back so before installation, you should record the model and serial number on the owner’s manual so you have easy access without having to move the ice machine around.

When you call Manitowoc or your technician for information or service, they will want this information. If you have purchased a previously owned unit, you will find a decal, or data plate, attached to the ice machine, a remote condenser, or the storage bin. Smaller units usually have the number on the back of the machine while modular units typically have the decal on the back or inside the front cover.

Reading the Manitowoc Ice Serial Numbers
There are currently two series of model numbers from Manitowoc. For models manufactured after 2006, the serial numbers are sequential and no longer indicate the month and year the model was manufactured; instead, the date of manufacture was added separately to the serial/data plate. To find the date the unit was manufactured, look on the data plate for a box that contains MF DT or MFG DT (manufactured date) followed by four numbers. The first two numbers are the year, followed by two digits representing the month.

Post 2006 Models:
As an example, a machine manufactured in 2006 during the month of August would read:
MF DT 0608  or  MFG DT 0608

The actual serial number would be listed separately as a nine digit number.

Pre-2006 Models:
Serial numbers on older Manitowoc ice makers do have the date code within the serial numbers. The date code is represented by the first four numbers of the serial number which is then followed by the sequential numbers of each individual machine.  The four digit date code is sequenced the same as the newer model as YYMM

As an example, a machine manufactured in 2005 during the month of January would read:
050164303 where 0501 represent the date or manufacture.

For buyers, sellers and owners, this information is very important to have. The quicker you can access this information the quicker someone can help you with information on your particular unit.

By Daniel Hirsch