Should I Buy or Rent My Ice Machine?

Should I Buy or Rent My Ice Machine?

The choice to rent or purchase business equipment can make or break a budget. Ice machine rentals are no different: you need to take your time, measure the advantages and disadvantages, and make the right choice for your business.

The Advantages of Renting an Ice Machine

While many business owners will purchase, there are many to renting. First of all, it presents a much lower initial cost, which can be essential if you are starting a new business or have a limited cash flow.

Renting an ice maker can be a great convenience for your company.  It is hard to determine what size ice machine you might need in the future.  Depending on your contract, you usually can swap machines for a size to fit your company at that specific time.

Another advantage of renting is that repairs and maintenance are built into the contract. This can save significant money for your business by not only keeping regular expenses down, but also from unexpected expenses.

The Advantages of Purchasing an Ice Machine

There are, of course, benefits to purchasing. Most notably, purchasing can be better for your long-term costs. It might take longer to realize the savings, but in the long run actually owning the ice machine can be a better choice. When you purchase an ice maker, you have to make a larger initial investment, but there will be no monthly rental payments, which could help your long term cash flow especially if you maintain your ice machine and keep that machine running

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By Daniel Hirsch