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Ice Machines

Production: 400 lbs/day
Type: Ice and water
Condition: Certified Used
Model:  25CT400A
Price: $2,299
View 25CT400A Model
Capacity: 400 lbs
Type: N/A
Condition: Refurbished
Model:  NME0454A
Price: $1,999
View NME0454A Model
Capacity: 752 lbs
Type: N/A
Condition: New
Model:  F801MWH
Price: $2,995
View F801MWH Model
Production: 760 lbs/day
Type: Air cooled
Condition: Refurbished
Model:  FME804AS
Price: $2,799
View FME804AS Model
Production: 970 lbs/day
Type: Water cooled
Condition: Refurbished
Model:  F1001MWH
Price: $2,999
View F1001MWH Model
Production: 970 lbs/day
Type: N/A
Condition: Certified Used
Model:  F1000MWH
Price: $2,995
View F1000MWH Model
Capacity: 1,149 lbs
Type: N/A
Condition: Certified Used
Model:  MFI1256A
Price: $3,499
View MFI1256A Model
Capacity: 1,200 lbs
Type: N/A
Condition: Refurbished
Model:  FME1204
Price: $2,799
View FME1204 Model

Flake/Nugget Ice Machines

Flake Ice Machines are very popular for a variety of business types. The ice produced from these Ice makers is compared to snow or a flake like consistency. It is great for ice displays such as fish, seafood, sushi, buffets, fruit and cold transport such as meats, fruits and vegetables.

Nugget style Ice is equally popular. Most people refer to this as "Sonic" ice from the popular food chain. Nugget ice is great for quickly cooling beverages due to the high surface area and ice to liquid ratio. This translates into high profits for the same reason.Many of these nugget machines can fill a glass with 80% ice and 20% liquid reducing your beverage expense significantly while maximizing profits.


Customers love it since they are chewable and appear to retain the flavor of the beverage for a better experience.

Both flake and nugget ice are very popular in many hospitals, especially maternity wards and nursing homes for dispensing chewable ice.

All flake and nugget ice machines offer high volume production so choose a bin accordingly.
Storage bins, dispensers, water filters and accessories can all be found on the detail pages of each machine.