Ice Machine Water Filters
  • Clear and Pure Ice
  • Better Tasting Ice
  • Reduced Service Calls
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Water Filters/ Accessories

Ice machine water filters and water filter cartridges are available here.

All ice machines make clear ice by design, but what is truly in your water? Most water supply contains minerals such as scale or iron which can do harm to both your customer and your ice machines. Alternatively, many minerals are okay for consumption, but not great for your ice machine operation in the long run.

Serving clean and pure ice starts with filtered water. Most people forget that the water used to make ice should be as pure as the water you drink because that is exactly what you are doing when you put ice in your glass.


Did you know that adding a water filter to any ice machine will not only improve the ice quality and clarity, but will increase the performance and lifespan of each machine considerably?

Without any mineral buildup or deposits, your ice machine simply become more efficient and doesn’t have to work as hard with filtered water. It is an easy installation and changing a cartridge takes less than one minute. It is a small investment with a very considerable payback.

We prefer 3M branded filters and cartridges which filter against the majority of what we have seen in the water supply around the country.