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Ice Machine

Capacity: 3,500 gallons
Flow Rate: N/A
Micron Rating: 1.0 microns
Model:  FCF9 (HC351-S)
Price: $75
View FCF9 (HC351-S) Model
Capacity: 10,000 gallons
Flow Rate: N/A
Micron Rating: 1.0 microns
Model:  FCF18 (HF25-S)
Price: $85
View FCF18 (HF25-S) Model
Capacity: 25,000 gallons
Flow Rate: N/A
Micron Rating: 0.2 microns
Model:  FCF20G (HF40-S)
Price: $119
View FCF20G (HF40-S) Model

Water Filters

An ice machine water filter is one of the best investments you can make for your commercial or residential ice equipment.

There are many reasons for installing a water filter. The first is so the water used to make ice is as pure as the water you drink. The ice in your glass melts into whatever beverage you are drinking which can alter the taste and quality. Poor ice quality can change the taste of your beverage and certainly fill your glass with impurities, which probably should not be consumed. As an example, any Coca Cola or Pepsi soda fountain has mandatory water filters in place to ensure the consistency of their drinks anywhere in the world. Water and ice are the key ingredients in their beverages and the only purpose of ice in the cup should be to keep the drink cold without distorting the taste of the drink.  Second, adding a water filter to any ice machine will enhance the performance and can extend the operational lifespan of each unit considerably.
Clean ice makers run more efficiently by not having to work as hard by eliminating scale and calcium buildup. It has been reported that over 80% of ice machine problems are due to poor water quality.


Depending on your location, municipality or well, water quality varies considerably.  We repair ice machines daily and we can confirm the damage water can do to these machines. It is common for hundreds of gallons of water to flow through these machines daily.

As ice is produced, the waste water flows through the machine which has the highest concentration of minerals and deposits since the purest water freezes first. This high concentration of minerals and contaminents will affect the daily workings of the machine over time.  While some water filled with minerals might be great for consumption, then can wreak havoc on commercial equipment.   A water filter is a simple solution which requires a small investment with a great return.  Saving you even one service call or extending the life of your equipment pays for the filter multiple times over.  Most importantly, your will have safer and better tasking ice.  Water filters are an easy installation and changing a water filter cartridge usually takes less than one minute.

Please feel free to browse our commercial water filters for your ice machines, appliances and home.