Importance of a Water Filter

Importance of a Water Filter

The Importance of a Water Filter in your Commercial Ice/Water Equipment

On any equipment which creates ice or provides drinking water, whether it be a commercial ice machine or simply the family’s kitchen refrigerator, one of its more vital working components is its water filter. In fact, the primary purpose and resulting product of all ice machines and water dispensers (commercial grade or private use) is only as good as is the device’s water filter. Even an ice maker costing tens of thousands of dollars is worthless without a properly functioning water filtration system to ensure quality.

No, it might not take your being a rocket scientist to know and understand the recipe for quality ice: Water + Freezing temps = Ice. However, simply allowing just any water to flow unfiltered will dramatically decrease the quality of the ice. You wouldn’t want to drink water that isn’t clear and free of impurities, nor pour your favorite beverage over a glass of murky looking ice would you? Of course not! It is for this reason you want to ensure the water filter on your ice machine is working as effectively and as clean as it possibly can operate.

Unfortunately, far too many owners of commercial equipment simply forget to replace their machine’s water filter until it has become defective or begins to inadequately filter the impurities from within the water, therefore allowing them into the ice itself. This produces an unpleasant and unfavorable product to the consumer, as well as possibly complicate the operational functioning of the ice machine itself.

What is the Primary Function of a Water Filter

Almost all main sources for a community’s water supply comes from water which has been seeped into the ground and/or vigorously processed through a treatment facility. While this main source of water is treated and filtered to meet federal standards and consumer expectations, like underground well-water and free-flowing creeks/springs that produce drinkable water, they all still hold quite a bit of impurities which seeped into the ground through areas of possible pollution and even acres of farmlands full of animals.

These water sources enter a water filter through a small tube or waterline. The filter slowly allows water to pass through while trapping microscopic particles and impurities inside many different levels of filtration. The water which freely flows from the disposing end of the water filter is pure, clean and not only safe for consumer consumption, it is also extremely pleasant to drink. Even the murkiest of water can be filtered into a crystal clear and pleasantly palatable glass of the finest water. All due to a properly functioning water filter.

Life Expectancy of a Water Filter

Here is where quite a few issues come up with commercial grade water filters. Due to an owner’s being unaware, or misinformed by the repairman or installation contractor, as well as often simply being too overworked to adequately keep records of maintenance for their commercial ice machines, it becomes increasingly easy for the filter cartridge to become ineffective by becoming clogged or simply stop filtering the water running through.

Although the life of a water filter might vary due to manufacturer and particular equipment it is designed for, most water filters have a life cycle of proper and efficient use for about only six months. True, some commercial grade wwater filters can be a little on the expensive side, by understanding the maximum length of time it can adequately operate before needing replaced could actually result in your not only saving a considerable amount of money in repairs and maintenance, it will also ensure overall customer satisfaction which is essentially invaluable to any business.

By Daniel Hirsch