Ways Short Term Ice Machine Rentals Will Help Your Pop Up

Ways Short Term Ice Machine Rentals Will Help Your Pop Up

Why Ice Machine Rentals Can Help Your Pop Up Stay Cool

Ice is an essential part of any successful event, but it’s usually one of the last things people think about. In these coming summer months, it’s best to be prepared for the masses and their drink orders. Ice Machine Clearance can help you decide what plan works best for your pop up!

1. No Long Term Contracts

If your venue is hosting a short term pop up event, we’ve got you covered. Our minimum contract is one month with full repairs and maintenance included!

2. Cost Effective

Our leasing model helps keep costs down and gives you the flexibility to decide if this machine works for your event! If your machine is too large or too small, we’re happy to swap it out for a small fee.

3. Variety of Ice Types

We offer a variety of ice types, from cube to nugget and flake, we’re here to find a machine and a contract that fits your needs!

Send us an Email or use the Rental Profit Calculator on our website to begin cooling the summer heat! Ice Machine Clearance leasing is flexible and all service is available!