Remote Ice Machines
  • Large ice Production
  • Quiet Operation
  • No Excess Heat
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Production: 1,357 lbs/day
Type: Remote
Condition: Certified Used
Model:  C1448SR
Price: $4,499
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Capacity: 1,401 lbs
Type: Remote
Condition: Certified Used
Model:  KM-1340MRH
Price: $5,999
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Remote Ice Machines

Remote ice Makers are an excellent option for a variety of locations. Remotes are ice machines which come in two parts. the ice machine head which produces the ice and the remote condensing unit which cools the machine by exchanging heat to the outside. These machines typically produce a large amount of ice and the typical byproduct is heat which is due from cooling the unit.

Air cooled units produce heat which is blown into the ice machine location which can raise the temperature significantly due to the large volume of heated air. Water cooled units are an option for these locations, but utilize up to 5x the amount of water than a traditional ice maker. Remote units are also air cooled, but the cooling components are located in a different location such as the roof and tied to the ice maker with insulated refrigerant lines.


This allows the ice maker to be completely quiet since there is no fan in the machine and does not trow off any heat usually associated with an air cooled ice maker. There are additional installation costs, but operationally, they are more efficient since the ice machine is not working as hard to keep cool as an ice machine in a hot environment such as a kitchen. Remote condensers are utilized for all types of refrigeration equipment especially down south where no-one wants added heat indoors.

Aside from the remote setup, the ice makers from Hoshizaki, Manitowoc, Scotsman and Iceomatic are typically the same. There are different sizes, ice shapes just like the air or water cooled units. We are offering the replacement heads or you can purchase remote packages with the ice machine, remote condensers and refrigerant line sets all together.