Air Cooled vs. Water Cooled Frozen Drink Machines

Air Cooled vs. Water Cooled Frozen Drink Machines

Summer’s almost here and what’s summer without a frozen margarita, a chilly daiquiri, or a trendy frosé? Know what equipment is best for your summer drink needs!

What’s the difference between an Air Cooled vs. Water Cooled frozen beverage dispenser? And which one should I invest in? What’s better?

Air Cooled machines use an internal fan to cool the internal refrigerant keeping your slushies icy! In this process, the machine expels warm air out into your restaurant, making it less efficient with heat transfer. If you’re inside, this means an increased power bill since the AC needs to work harder to maintain the inside temperature. If you’re outdoors, that means the machine needs to work harder to maintain its internal temperature as the outside temperature rises. A nice benefit is that these machines are mobile and versatile and don’t produce any water waste. However, they can be a bit noisy and require a hefty, strategic electric hook up so your circuits don’t blow!

Water cooled machines use water to cool your frozen beverages! These require a water hookup and drainage system. This makes them more energy efficient, prolonging the life of your compressor! These machines are also quieter and don’t impact the temperature of your store. One of the best attributes is that they can run virtually anywhere without the worry of the ambient temperature or ample air flow to the machine. They do use a decent amount of water and can cause your water bill to soar, but that means you are enjoying drink after drink.

Think about these questions when learning about which kind of machine to use:

– Where would my machine be located in my restaurant?
– Do I have the water hookup needed? Or can I make space?
– Is my investment long term or short term?
– Am I able to offer frozen beverages all year round?
– Are noise and temperature important factors with my setup?
– Do I need this machine to move locations?

Now, you’re one step closer to frozen beverages or frosé all day! If you need a frozen beverage machine rental for your restaurant, bar, or business, drop us a line! We will deliver a quality device that will take your summer cocktail game to the next level. We’re ready to support you with routine maintenance, cleaning, and repairs. Call now!