Buying Refurbished Foodservice Equipment

Buying Refurbished Foodservice Equipment

Why you should be Using Refurbished Equipment in Today’s Economy

Anyone who might currently own, operate or are considering a foodservice business of their own, has possibly already considered the investment costs associated with upgrading their commercial restaurant equipment. Those who are also thinking of starting their own foodservice operation quickly realize the initial investment of all new commercial equipment is staggering to say the least.

For many who need to reinvest their business’s earnings in new equipment can often mean other necessary expenditures, such as advertising or even the hiring extra employees must wait. Though it is always an excellent and business savvy idea to invest, reinvest and improve upon your business, deciding which areas to earmark funds for can be a daunting task.
For the individual thinking of finally starting the business of their dreams, the potential costs of having to purchase all new equipment could scare them completely out of their dream and into an equipment cost nightmare! With the economy in a downward spiral of doom and gloom, investing in a business is just as brilliant of a solution as it is a dangerous quest into uncertainty.

So what is the answer? Refurbished Equipment!
The purchasing of refurbished ice machines and other equipment is an all-out win-win situation…or more like a win-not lose so much situation actually. Not only will you be able to save a considerable amount of your potential investment, which thus will open funds to be put to use in other areas such as advertising etc. but you will have piece of mind knowing that you will be purchasing working equipment without the worry of buying simply used as-is equipment.

A perfect example is a refurbished ice machine. Everyone wants or will need ice during the long dog-days of summer. Well, purchasing a refurbished ice machine will provide your store or business with a huge cost-savings and keep your wallet full and customers happy. An ice machine is quite complex and purchasing new is extremely expensive and purchasing used is simply inviting the unknown. A deal today is a major expense tomorrow. A refurbished ice maker will keep the purchase cost down and be reliable for your business. Your business will win in potential profits while you can win by not spending as much of your investment by purchasing refurbished ice machines rather than new ones.

By Daniel Hirsch