Refurbished vs. New Ice Machines

Refurbished vs. New Ice Machines

Imagine having a line of customers waiting on that refreshing beverage, snow cone or other ice product on an extremely hot August afternoon, when suddenly your commercial ice machine quits working properly or simply stops producing ice at all! When a commercial ice machine has a malfunction of any kind, it can typically be an extremely frustrating experience for any business. Well, at least for the business that depends on a properly functioning commercial ice machine that is. For the ice machine repairman however, the unfortunate malfunction of an ice machine at the most inopportune moment for the business – is their (repairman’s) dream come true.

When a business depends on equipment such as a commercial ice machine, it cannot afford to lose even an hour’s worth of the precious commodity for its consumers. Repairs to bring the ice machine back to life and running efficiently can cost a business dearly. This is often the result when businesses purchase cut corners by buying a used ice machines rather than a refurbished ice machine.

The fact is, not all business owners have the immediate funds availability to purchase all new equipment. In order for most owners to get their business going and expedite their opening, they must carefully choose which equipment purchases make the best financial sense. While having the capital to purchase a brand new ice machine is wonderful, it isn’t always the more cost effective choice.

Used ice machines can not only be just as operationally effective as the more expensive new ones, they can also easily be quite a bit more cost effective as well. Pre-owned ice machines offer the business owner the opportunity to provide the same quality ice to their consumers, yet at a much lower initial investment than the newer alternative.

However, with all that being said, it is extremely critical for any business owner or future entrepreneur to understand a vitally important piece of information while shopping for any commercial ice machine: There are major differences between “Used Ice Machines” and “Refurbished Ice Machines.”

Refurbished vs Used Ice Machines
Although it might initially be more cost effective for your business to invest in a used ice machine rather than a new one, if you misinterpret, or misunderstand, the differences in “refurbished vs used” ice machines, the “cost effective” initial investment could easily become an extremely expensive liability.

A used ice machine is exactly what the name implies with the word “used” being emphasized. Ice machines, even a home refrigerator’s ice maker, all have extremely vital parts and water filters crucial to the device operating not only efficiently but effectively as well. As all parts go, no matter their size nor the device itself for which relies upon them, will eventually wear out over time depending on frequency and length of use.

While used doesn’t necessarily mean the device is predestined to fail, malfunction and ultimately break down; it could mean the equipment is more likely to malfunction. In the event your used ice machine becomes more and more frequent in its operational mishaps, the high costs of repairs and replacement parts could quickly outweigh the initial investment cost.
While shopping for a commercial ice machine, as well as keeping your initial investment costs at a minimum, it is strongly advised you consider purchasing a refurbished ice machine rather than simply a “used” one. Refurbished ice machines allow you to avoid the extremely high financial burdens of all new equipment, while still providing you and your business with equipment less as likely to malfunction and/or be in need of repair.

Refurbished ice machines, while still being previously owned (used), have been essentially remanufactured using new parts and usually come with a very valuable warranty. This means a more efficient running ice machine with a much longer operational life cycle with piece of mind.

Still, by far the most important aspect to remember with any commercial ice machine is proper maintenance. Keeping your refurbished ice machine properly cleaned, maintained and in top working order will not only ensure that it runs and operates as efficiently as a new one but it will also be extremely less likely to malfunction.

By Daniel Hirsch