Scotsman Ice Machines

Scotsman Ice Machines

A History of Innovation….

What began as Queen Stove Works in 1921 soon blossomed into a much larger company when it bought out the American Gas Machine Company in 1950. With their purchase of the company came heaters, ice chests, commercial ice machines and other equipment. Now, Scotsman ice machines are sold worldwide. There are currently over 1 million in use in over 100 countries.

Queen Stove Works was bought out by the King-Seeley Corporation in 1957 and eventually merged with the American Thermos Products Company in 1960. The focus was put entirely on ice machines at this time as the need for ice continued to be in demand. Just seven years later, Scotsman acquired an Italian company that was producing commercial ice machines and used the name Scotsman as it continued to sell across Europe, Asia, the Pacific, and the Middle East. Although the company has acquired more business and has been sold several times, Scotsman is the world’s leading producer of ice machines today.

Scotsman Worldwide
The company has over 1,000 distributors, 5,000 service technicians, and six manufacturing facilities. Scotsman has grown in part due to their commitment to help businesses who rely on ice. Their commercial ice machines can produce any type of ice from cube to flake to gourmet, and everything in between. Their most famous ice right now is the nugget which can be found at all Sonic brand fast food locations. There is virtually no business Scotsman doesn’t service. Scotsman machines can be found in hotels, restaurants, laboratories, fisheries, and more, worldwide.

A Commitment to Quality
Part of the reason Scotsman has been so successful is their commitment to quality, from the machines themselves to the way they run their manufacturing facilities. They were the first commercial ice maker to get International Organization of Standardization (ISO) certified (ISO9000:2001).

ISO certification means the company follows strict standards which are adhered to worldwide. These standards include: safety, reliability, being environmentally friendly, and having proven quality. Consumers look for these standards and know that if they buy an item from another country, they are getting the same standards they would with any ISO certified company.

A Model for Any Business
When it comes to commercial ice machines, Scotsman has a wide variety of makes and models. Since the company makes ice machines for so many types of industries, they offer a huge selection. With over 300 models of ice machines, and ice bins and dispensers, there is a model for every commercial need.

Investing in a Scotsman
Whether you’re buying a new or used model, with Scotsman, you’ll be getting a quality ice machine that is backed by over 50 years of innovation. Should your machine ever need service, chances are there is a service technician nearby in your city or town. Learning to operate your Scotsman is easy. Manuals, guides, and even operational videos are easily available and easy to understand. The ice machines are foolproof and extremely reliable. So when your business needs ice, you know you can count on Scotsman for a quality model that fits your needs.

By Daniel Hirsch