Top 3 Reasons to Rent an Ice Machine

Top 3 Reasons to Rent an Ice Machine

If you need ice for your business, you’ll have to decide between buying ice, renting and owning an ice machine. While buying ice and owning an ice maker has its advantages, there are three important benefits for renting an ice machine…

Advantages to Renting and Ice Machine

Low Cost of Entry

One of the biggest challenges for starting a restaurant or business are the initial costs. Simply purchasing the ice machines can cost thousands of dollars, and if you select a machine with high volume or special features,  you could be looking at an entry cost of $5,000 or more, all without a direct payback.

By renting an ice machine, you start with a significantly lower initial cost, allowing you to launch your business with a much lower price tag.

Service and Maintenance Included in the Costs

As a manager or owner, you already have plenty to worry about. You’ll have to deal with staffing, inventory, advertising, and much more. Why add ice machine service and maintenance to your long list?
When you rent an ice maker, the service and maintenance is included in the total price. This not only lowers your overhead and makes your monthly budgets more consistent and predictable.

Guaranteed Uptime

Like any piece of technology, ice machines will eventually breakdown. If you own the machine, you are responsible for the down time and may have to wait for the machine to be fixed.
With our ice-machine rental service, you will have guaranteed uptime for your machines. You can count on them to run, and if any problems occur, we’ll be there to get them back to full operation as quickly as possible. This uptime guarantee helps ensure your machines are running and will not interrupt your normal business.

Reach out to us today to learn more about the advantages of renting your ice machine!

By Daniel Hirsch