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Type: Ice and water
Ice Production: 282 lbs/day
Ice Type: Cubelet
Condition: Certified Used
16 9/16"
Model:  DCM-270BAH
Price: $2,299
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Ice Dispensers

In any environment where ice is available to the public, an ice and water dispenser is what you will need. These compact machines not only produce the ice, but also offer a distribution system which prevents cross contamination. There is no such thing as a public sanitary ice scoop. These machines allow any user to come right up and dispense ice without touching anything but a button. There are seven some models which are touch free by using an infrared sensor to activate the dispensing mechanism.

These are very popular in office break rooms and in heath care facilities because of their sanitary nature and small footprint. The saying Big things come in small packages certainly applies here. If the general public used an ice bin and scoop, there is tremendous risk of cross-contamination of both virus and bacteria, which can flourish in the cold and wet environment. Most people assume that the cold environment is safe, but that is a great misconception. The safest way to distribute ice in public areas is by the use of an ice dispenser.


These dispensers are all-in-one which produce, store and dispense the ice. The user can simply dispense ice on demand from the outside of the machine using one of the many controls available such as "push for Ice", pressing a lever or by a sensor on the newer models.

A big hurdle is the cost of these ice dispensers. We carry certified used and refurbished ice dispensers, which can save you thousands of dollars off a new model. The nice thing about ice dispensers is that they are built to last and buying a used ice dispenser from us will work just as well as a new model at a substantial savings.

We also know that these dispensers will be in the public view, so we do also take care on the physical appearance of these units. Since they are used, they may contain scratches or slight dents, which can be expected, but most are in very good condition both inside and out. Most important is they are all in perfect working order when they leave our facility.