Traulsen Serial Number Date Code

Traulsen Serial Number Date Code

So you are in the market for a used Traulsen refrigerator or freezer and have no idea how to figure out the age of the unit. This is a very common issue. The reach-in looks nice and clean, but some consideration should always be be made to the age of the unit. While this is important, the past location of the unit and the care it received are much more important factors than the age. The Traulsen compressors and sealed systems can easily last for 20 years, but if they are not maintained, the components can be overworked which can shorten the life of the unit. Reach-ins don’t usually have service records like automobiles, but if you can see the location they were used or even the establishment, you can get a very good idea of how they were treated.

The first thing we look for is the condition of the condenser. If this is clean and the fins intact, there is a good chance that this was maintained very well. If the unit is still in its location, check to see that there is substantial air-flow around the components which can either be bottom or top mounted. If the unit struggles to breath, the components will be stressed and not last as long. Of course check for rust or any signs of repair to the copper lines as well. Lastly is the age. Luckily Trauslen does code their units to be able to decipher the serial numbers.

The Traulsen serial number is 9 alpha-numeric digits always beginning with a “T”.

Sample Serial Number: T12345A14

Position 1: T= Traulsen
Position 2: 12345 = Manufacturing Code
Position 3: A = Month (January)
Position 4: 14 = Year Manufactured

A: January
B: February
C: March
D: April
E: May
F: June
G: July
H: August
I: September
J: October
K: November
L: December

By Daniel Hirsch