Ice Machine Rentals: Is it Right for Your Business?

Ice Machine Rentals: Is it Right for Your Business?

Renting is a great way to increase the convenience of having an ice machine at your restaurant or business without making a large initial investment.

Ice Machine Rental Advantages

One of the main advantage with an ice machine rental is that you will get guaranteed uptime on your ice machine with no additional costs. This means that should the ice machine break down at any time, we will be there to get your ice maker back to full operation quickly.

Another advantage that comes with renting an ice machine is the simple fact that the initial costs of renting are much more affordable than the initial costs of purchasing an ice machine. When you purchase an ice maker, you will end up paying several thousands of dollars depending on its size, but when you rent you can get an ice machine for your location at a much more affordable monthly price.

There is also the service and maintenance to consider. With service and maintenance factored into the cost or renting, you wont’ have to worry about large, potentially-crippling repair bills for your ice machine or the unexpected down time. You’ll have peace of mind that comes from knowing your ice machine will be repaired and maintained by a knowledgeable, professional service team.

For these reasons and more, it is often much more affordable and reliable to rent your ice machine. If you want more information, contact our rental team and we’ll help you choose the right ice machine for your location and business. With experience and dedication, we are proud to be the ice machine experts in the New York and New Jersey metro area!

By Daniel Hirsch