Wholesale Ice Machines

Wholesale Ice Machines

The best option for business owners to save money on their initial ice machine investment cost is to buy refurbished ice machines that have been essentially reworked to “almost new” condition. This does not stop them for searching for the Holy Grail of purchasing, which is to buy wholesale. While wholesale ice machines might appear to be an obvious route to save even more money on your ice machine equipment, most are unaware of exactly how difficult a road they are trying to travel upon.

First of all, wholesale ice machines are typically sold through very strict distribution channels and directly to the large chain businesses who hold premium accounts. These chains purchase either all, or a majority of all, the equipment necessary for their business through these accounts. These accounts are simply not available to most small chains or privately/family owned and operated businesses simply because they cannot afford to maintain the equipment purchases to open a direct account. Distributors have a good thing going and will not jeopardize their exclusive markets and pricing to make those few additional sales.

This means in order to purchase wholesale ice machines, you and your business would either have to set up an account to purchase a long-term equipment purchasing contract or be invited into a buying group to make such purchases who collectively bargain on behalf of the members. Buying group also do require minimum purchases so this also can be difficult for the small business.

These are typically not viable options for the small business who are in need of saving significant money to operate and grow. Simply put, most of us simply cannot afford to purchase wholesale ice machines.

Other Ice Machine Equipment Options
Not only can the wholesale ice machines route be a difficult road to travel for small or family/privately owned and operated businesses, it can often be an entirely unnecessary path when there are other routes leading to the same goal: Obtaining an ice machine and other equipment for your business while trying to save your hard earned dollars.
The truth of the matter is, far too many business owners are unaware of the other options available or exactly how to take advantage of them. If you have a business which could greatly benefit from a new ice machine; then it is imperative you understand how to acquire your equipment needs in the best way possible.

Flexibility in the Cost of New Ice Machines
While new ice machines can be expensive, smart shopping tactics can dramatically impact the overall final initial investment costs of your business. When shopping for a new ice machine, the most important thing to understand is how much ice you might need and how often you might need it. Simply downsizing the machine might be enough to save you hundreds of dollars alone. Do your research and don’t be talked into a deal just because it might be what is in-stock. There is no shortage of ice machines and most companies can deliver in a day or two.
There are several different varieties of ice machines. Be savvy! Be thrifty! Shop smart! Put a lot of thought and time into what type of ice machine would serve your business, as well as meets your financial budget requirements.

  • Research the variety of new ice machine brands, styles and uses
  • Look at which brand/style competitors use
  • Think about what services and uses customers will benefit from the most
  • Avoid the allure “all the bells and whistles” have and stick to ONLY WHAT YOU NEED
  • Speak with at least 3 different brand/style/retail sales representatives in order to compare prices and better understand what is truly “a good deal!”
  • Do not be afraid to haggle the prices and mention offers and/or potential savings the competition (their competition) have offered you
  • When all is said and done, KNOW WHEN to WALK AWAY and pursue other means of obtaining your ice machine
  • Most places will price match if you like to use a specific dealer

Refurbished Ice Machines
If new ice machines is just too expensive for you to invest in and the thought of all the potential downtime and budget-busting repair costs of buying a used ice machine scares you beyond belief: Refurbished is definitely the way to go!

Refurbished ice machines come with all the great benefits of foot traffic, fewer worries about breakdowns and repairs and less investment costs than purchasing new ice machines or settling for used ones. The inner workings and complex parts have all been replaced or rebuilt, the quality is just as excellent as new ice machines and in the end, you have an ice machine that serves your customer’s needs, benefits your business and didn’t bankrupt or derail your financial budget restraints.

By Daniel Hirsch