Different Ice Cube Types

Different Ice Cube Types

What’s best for my business?

You bring the drinks, We’ll bring the ice.

Not sure of what kind of ice you need?
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Not all ice is the same.

We offer machines that have Large Cubes, medium Cubes, Half-Cubes, Bullet Ice, Crescent Ice, Flaked Ice, and Nugget Ice! But if you’re looking for cubes made to keep those soft drinks or cocktails cool for longer in the outdoor summer heat, we recommend Large Cube, Full Cube or Crescent Ice. These types of ice are made to have more surface area per cube, allowing them to melt more slowly. This means fewer watered down drinks, fewer waiter refills, and fewer customer complaints.

Full cubes can help you reduce your overall ice consumption while ½ cube fill glasses more easily. The shape of Crescent Cubes and Full cubes allow for the liquid to flow more easily over them, causing less waste and spillage. Customers will agree, they elevate the beverage experience! What kind of drinks are you serving?

When it comes to cocktails, no one likes a watered down drink. If your bar or patio area has numerous non-blended alcoholic options, these are the types you’d want to use!

We’re happy to help you make the best decision for your restaurant, bar or business. With the promise of quality routine maintenance, support, and cleaning, we’ll make sure your ice is cool and your drinks, refreshing!