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Refurbished Outdoor Appliances

Outdoor kitchens are more popular than ever. They can also be very expensive.  We have a limited supply of refurbished outdoor refrigerators, beverage centers and ice machines to help build your outdoor kitchen withour breaking the bank. Luxury made affordable……  Most of this equipment is factory refurbished and looks great.  We know that appearance matters with this equipment and any dings or dents are on the sides or back of these units keeping the front of the units clean.  They are designed to be built-in and any imperfections are hidden.  You are left with great machines at great prices.


Knowing these are residential units, we make sure the front of these units are virtually dent free and very clean so they can be built-in with a very high level of satisfaction.  We try to post the actual pictures of each unit, but feel free to ask before making a purchase.  We can pull a unit aside and give you further details.  We have very satsified customers and take price in all of the outdoor equipment we sell.