Decoding the Taylor Ice Cream Serial Number

Decoding the Taylor Ice Cream Serial Number

Cool, refreshing, and tasty – nothing says yummy quite the way ice cream does. When you’re in the market for an ice cream machine, Taylor brand makes a great machine that will last for years, even when it’s used day after day.

When you’re purchasing an older model Taylor Ice Cream machine, it’s important to make sure you know what you’re purchasing. Buying used can be a great investment for any business because Taylor machines are high quality and can last for years, so protecting your bottom line doesn’t mean you have to compromise on quality equipment.

There are a couple of reasons you’ll want to know the age of a model you’re interested in buying. First, while you cant determine the actual use, you can certainly determine the age of the equipment. Even though it may look great, you might not want a model that’s over 10 or 20 years old. If that’s the case, knowing how to read the serial number can save you time and money. Second, if you’re looking to finance a used Taylor Ice Cream machine, the bank will want to know how old it is, as will your insurance company for replacement purposes in case of fire or other damage.

Reading the Date
To know the exact manufacturing date of a Taylor Ice Cream machine, there is a simple formula for reading the back label that will tell you everything you want to know:

Taylor Ice Cream machine serial numbers consist of a letter followed by seven numbers. The first letter in the serial number tells what series it is, which is also the decade it was manufactured. For example:

‘G’ Series – 1970-1979
‘H’ Series – 1980-1989
‘J’ Series – 1990-1999
‘K’ Series – 2000-2009
‘M’ Series – 2010 to the present

The first number following the leter means the year after the beginning of the series decade. So a number of 5 after the letter J would mean it was manufactured in 1995. The second and third number represent the month of the year the machine was manufactured such as 02 for February. Finally, the last four numbers are the actual production numbers or true individual identifying numbers.

Lets take for example a serial number of K3092222, the K stands for 2000-2009, while the 3 represents three years after 2000. If you put them together, you get 2003. The 09 represents the ninth month (September) and the 2222 is the production number. In this case, the serial number means it was manufactured in September of 2003.

Why Buy Used?
There are some manufacturers whose names represent quality. Even though you may be purchasing an older model, that doesn’t mean you’re getting a machine that doesn’t still work great. Many manufacturers, such as Taylor, make quality equipment that can last for years or decades, even when the machine has been in service day after day.
Whipping up some tasty soft serve ice cream for customers both young and old is a great business. The actual product costs almost nothing. The expense is amortizing the ice cream equipment. If you can save thousands on your equipment cost, the profits are simply that much higher. Everyone loves ice cream and using a Taylor Ice Cream machine means you can have reduced down-time while increasing profits and ultimately managing your bottom line.

By Daniel Hirsch