Manitowoc Ice Machine Model Numbers Decoded

Manitowoc Ice Machine Model Numbers Decoded

Manitowoc ice machine model numbers are a set of unique identifying letters and numbers found on all of their equipment. Model numbers can serve several purposes. For consumers, identifying the model number will generally tell you the specifics of the ice maker. If you already own an ice machine, having it handy helps you with faster service when you call a service center or repairman. They will know the exact unit you’re talking about and make it much quicker to find replacement parts.

Manitowoc ice machine model numbers usually consist of seven alpha-numeric numbers which allow you to find out more details about a specific unit. The model number starts with two letters; where the first letter determines the series and the second letter determines the size of ice the machine makes.

The first two letters are followed by four numbers which tell how much ice production you can expect within a 24 hour period. So a unit capable of producing 1200 lbs. in 24 hours would have the numbers 1200, while a unit able to produce 600 lbs. in 24 hours would have a zero in front of it (0600).

The Manitowoc model number will finish with a final letter, which tells what type of cooling condenser the unit uses. It will be either an air-cooled (letter A), water-cooled (letter W), or remote cooled (letter R). Occasionally, there will be a quiet cube type, which is marked with the letter C.

Take model IY-0324A as an example:

I is the series followed by Y which is for ½ dice cubes. The production is 324 lbs per day and is air cooled.

Here are the letters which identify the ice types.

Y = ½ Diced
D = Full Diced
N = Nugget
F = Flake
R = Regular Cubes

In the Market for an Older Model?

If you’re in the market for an older Manitowoc ice machine, you can get a good idea of the age based on the first letter depicting the series. For more details, the serial number is the next place to look which we will describe in another blog.

By Daniel Hirsch