10 Questions You Should Ask When Buying a Used Ice Machine

10 Questions You Should Ask When Buying a Used Ice Machine

Ice makers seem to be fairly simple machines, but they actually are quite complex. By asking the right questions, you will be more likely to choose the perfect used ice machine for your business. 

10 Questions You Should Ask When Buying a Used Ice Machine

  1. Does the machine work? While obvious, you will be surprised how many service requests me make on deals that are often too good to be true.
  2. What type of ice does this machine make? Cubes, half-cubes, crescent, nugget and flakes are the norm.
  3. What is the daily output of the machine? How much ice does it make per day does not usually equal how much it can store at once.
  4. How much energy does the machine use? Really the question is either 115v or 220v.
  5. Are you the owner of the ice machine? This goes back to question 1. Is the business closing? Are the upgrading because this machine is not working? Wrong size?
  6. Is there any maintenance I need to perform on this machine before starting it? This will help confirm the condition of the machine. 
  7. How large is the storage bin for this ice maker? (Does it have a bin at all?)
  8. Can this ice maker be delivered and installed? A good point of negotiation and also you can have the machine running before the transaction is complete.
  9. Are maintenance and repairs part of my purchase agreement or contract?
  10. Does the ice maker come with any warranty?  Separate the winners from the losers right here. Having someone stand behind their product is worth everything.

Get Top-Notch Sales and Service for Your Ice Maker

If you need an ice maker for your business, restaurant, or bar, please contact us. We can deliver and install the top-quality ice maker you need, and we’ll be ready to support your purchase with routine maintenance, cleaning, and repairs.