Three Things No One Told You About Your Slushy Machine

Three Things No One Told You About Your Slushy Machine

Simple Guidance to Your Slushy Machine

It's the end of the night.

You had a full house and served countless strawberry basil fros's and aviations. It's late and you have a whole well to clean, but here's why you need to rinse out your frozen drink machine!

1. Sugar is corrosive!

Like your teeth, sugar build up can corrode the rubber parts of your machine, which are vital for smooth, consistent mixing. Corrosion shortens the life of your drink maker and will force you to replace parts more frequently!

2. Mold Build Up

Pesky mold and bacteria can build up in your beverage nozzle, specifically. If the spigots or mix container are cleaned regularly, this can lead to serving mold in drinks- a one way ticket to frown town! Mold also compromises the overall health and longevity of your device.

3. It's super easy to clean!

For day to day maintenance, wiping down and flushing your machine is what's most necessary. After draining the beverage liquids from the barrel and flushing out andy remains with water, fill the barrel up with warm (not boiling!) water, enough to submerge the beater and shaft. Add a mild detergent or dishwashing liquid and let the machine run in wash mode, cycling the mixture through the main apparatus for about 10 minutes. Following, be sure to drain all excess water. Repeat with a sanitizer solution which will prevent any mold friendly environments. This can easily be done while you're attending to other duties!

Although weekly cleaning requires more thorough attention to lubricating and sanitizing individual parts, wiping down and rinsing your machine daily can be easy and will keep everyone happy. If you're renting a machine, proper maintenance is expected from the operator! Service calls are for machine issues which are not covered by operator error. When you rent with us, we will teach you the proper cleaning procedure, including daily, weekly and monthly. With unparalleled customer service and support, we're ready to help you learn and teach your staff the right processes for your rental. Need any maintenance or repairs or a rental? Call today!