Kold Draft Ice Machine Rentals

Kold Draft Ice Machine Rentals

Kold-Draft ice machines use patented technologies to create top-quality large cube ice for your customers. If you think you can’t afford one of these first-rate machines, perhaps you should learn about our Kold-Draft ice-machine rentals in New York and New Jersey.

The Ice Machine of Choice for Bartenders

Because of the Kold Draft unique large cube, these are the ice machines of choice for most bartenders, but usually out of the budget for the bar.  The large ice cubes are perfect for whisky drinks, and the slow melting creates a classic presentation no matter what the beverage.

The ice from these machines is also desirable for bartenders. Kold-Draft ice machines make large cubes that are preferred by bartenders. 

Renting Makes Ownership Easier

Kold-Draft ice machines are a top-of-the-line machine; some bar and restaurant owners don’t use them, as the initial costs are simply too high. With our month to month or yearly ice-machine rentals, you can have a Kold-Draft ice machine at your location, giving your customers greater quality without ruining your budget. 

Contact our staff today to learn more about renting a Kold-Draft ice machine. With rentals and service all throughout the New York and New Jersey metro area, we are your top choice for ice machines!