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Basic Ice Machine Maintenance Tips

Basic Ice Machine Maintenance Tips

Basic Ice Machine Maintenance Tips
Whether you buy commercial or a residential ice machine, routine maintenance is essential to keep the ice machine clean and working properly. We are expert refurbishers and you can’t image the condition of the machines we come across.
Ice machines are quite complex, which go through the ice making cycle a few times per hour where the evaporator (ice mold) changes temperature rapidly and repeatedly.

To extend the useable life of your ice machine we recommend the following tips:

Test your water quality: Water is the leading cause of ice machine failure. This test takes just a few moments and costs only a few dollars. Once you know what you are dealing with, you can look for the proper water filter.
Buy and install a water filter: If you are going to do one thing for maintenance, this is it. A water filter will not only filter out debris which can clog your machine, it will filter out impurities which will slowly wear away the more expensive components of the ice machine. Scale buildup cannot be repaired and the replacement cost of an evaporator can cost almost as much a new ice machine.
Clean the machine: Most ice machines have a clean cycle. With or without special cleaners, run this cycle at least once per month to flush the system and impurities from the machine. Read the product manual for more detailed cleaning steps.
Chemicals: Only use checmicals approved for your ice machine. Most evaporators are nickel plated and cleaning solutions will strip the plating causing the metal to flake off rendering the ice machine useless. Follow your user manual to determine which chemicals can be used.
Do not use an indoor rated ice machine outdoors: Indoor machines do not have the same insulation as outdoor models and cannot handle the fluctuating or extreme temperatures. They are also NOT rated for outdoor electric use and are not protected against bugs and rodents which love the warm and cozy environment of an ice maker.
Long Term Storage: Going away for a period of time longer than 2 weeks? Shut off the water and empty the water from the machine to eliminate the possibility of slime or mold. The number one complaint is smelly ice when water is left in the machine for a long period of time.

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