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Remcor DB90S Dispenser ice

Remcor Remcor DB90S Dispenser ice

Capacity :
90 lbs

Type :

Condition :

Model :


Dimensions :
W16" x D29 3/4" x H32"

Weight :
80 lbs

Included Warranty :
  • 90 days parts and labor

Price : $1,999.00

$550.00 Discount 72 %

Shipping: $129.00

This is a Tabletop Remcor Push Button Ice Dispenser.  This makes ice dispensing convenient and sanitary for public envirpnments.  Simply dump ice into the 90 lbs storage hopper and the machine does the rest with a push for ice button.  Great for office environments or sell ice by the cup at your convenience store.  Never worry about cross contamination in a standard ice bin.  Uses a standard houshold plug and can be put virtually anywhere.  Very quiet operation.

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