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Follett 25CT400A Ice and water nugget ice and water dispenser

Follett Follett 25CT400A Ice and water nugget ice and water dispenser

Production :
400 lbs/day

Type :
Ice and water

Condition :
Certified Used

Model :


Dimensions :
W21" x D23.5" x H47.5"

Weight :
310 lbs

Ice Type : Nugget Ice

Included Warranty :
  • 90 days parts and labor

Price : $6,900.00

$2,299.00 Discount 67 %

Shipping: $189.00

This is a Follett Symphony Ice & Water Dispenser, model 25CT400A.  it is a countertop nugget ice and water dispenser.  It can produce up to 400 lbs of ice per day with a built in storage of 25 lbs for on demand ice delivery.  it is a SensorSAFE dispenser with automatic load so it is always ready for use.  it produces the "Sonic" style nugget ice.  This unit has an air-cooled condenser with stainless steel exterior.

  • soft, chewable, compressed nugget ice is preferred over cubes and is ideal for patient care
  • environmentally responsible R404a refrigerant with zero ozone depletion potential
  • water and energy efficient
  • stainless steel evaporator and auger quiet production without noisy harvest cycles
  • Durable, attractive dispenser
  • stainless steel exterior with accent trim
  • smooth contours for aesthetically appealing appearance
  • corrosion-resistant poly drain pan and dispenser lid
  • Designed with sanitation in mind
  • Agion® silver-based antimicrobial product protection of key ice and water contact components2
  • one-hand lever or SensorSAFE™ infrared ice dispense reduces the chance of cross-contamination
  • SensorSAFE not recommended for use with clear containers or for applications in direct sunlight
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