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Norpole EWCIM90 Air cooled ice machine

Norpole Norpole EWCIM90 Air cooled ice machine

Production :
90 lbs/day

Type :
Air cooled

Condition :
Floor Model

Model :


Dimensions :
W22.1" x D21.3" x H32.5"

Weight :
106 lbs

Ice Type : Cube

Included Warranty :
  • 90 days parts and labor
NSF    UL   

Price : $3,142.00

$1,099.00 Discount 65 %

Water Filters

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Shipping: $129.00


3M Small Capacity Ice Machine Filter

3M Small Capacity Ice Machine Filter (New)

Model: FF9 (VH3/HC351-S)

Shipping: $ 14.00

Price: $114.50


More Info

You are looking at a Norpole 90 lbs production Icemaker model EWCIM90S.  This was a floor model and is in virtually perfect condition.  This model has internal storage of 35 lbs.  The slant front provides very easy one-handed ice access and the height allows it to be built in or freestanding.  These units we have in stock are less than two years old and look almost brand new as you can see from the photos.  You can also see from the photos that the interiors look as if they were never used.  They have been set back to the factory specs and work perfectly.  This machine produces individual square cube ice which is great for many applications.  It utilizes a spray system for ice production which is a very relaible ice making method.  The water from the machine is sprayed onto the ice mold above which forms into individual cubes.  Save hundreds off a new machine.  

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