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Clearance Ice Machines

Save money without sacrificing quality or piece of mind. We are constantly making large purchases of commercial ice machines and then pass the savings on to our customers.

All of our clearance ice machines are inspected and tested at our facility and prepared for individual sale. Depending on the condition, these ice makers are then put into different categories and priced accordingly. We have new ice machines, new "old stock" ice machine, scratch and dent and floor models available. We only sell working ice making equipment and offer a warranty to back up our work. Some machines may also carry the manufacturer warranty or part of it.   You will typically find products from Manitowoc, Hoshizaki, Scotsman, Bluestone and Ice-O-Matic.  Over the last eight years we have sold thousands of clearance and refurbished ice machines to very satisfied customers. The reason for our success is not only our prices, but also the quality of the machines we deliver to our customers. We are so confident in our products, that everything that leaves our facility comes with a warranty and extended warranties are also available for purchase. The machines are in excellent working order and our prices cannot be beat.


Since they are clearance ice machine, they may contain small scratches or slight dents, which are to be expected.  We do try to limit any marks to the sides or backs of the residential ice machines so they can be built-in withourt any noticeable marks or blemishes.

The bottom line is when you purchase an ice maker from us,you will have a working machine delivered at a great price. We cannot always be specific to the physical condition of each machine, but usually include actual images of the machine for sale and also try to list any major scratches or dents (if any). Our clearance machines are typically brand new older models, floor models or scratch and dent machines and never had any complain about the condition of our machines.   For additional options, please also check out our refurbished and used ice machines, which can save you even more money. We have found that within a few weeks of owning a new machine, you cant tell the difference between any of our clearance machines or a new one except for the price tag. All machines come with a limited warranty, so you have nothing to fear about buying a clearance ice machine from us.


How much ice does one need? has put together a reference guide for your use.
Please keep in mind that these are averages, but should be a pretty good starting point. Restaurants use 1.5 lbs. per customer or 5 lbs. per seat Hotels use 5 lbs per room Home use is 6oz per 12 oz. drink and 10 oz. per 20 oz drink Bars/Lounge use 3lbs. per customer.

  • Restaurants: 1.5 lbs per customer or 5 lbs per seat
  • Hotels: 5 lbs per room
  • Fast Food: 5 oz / 8-10 oz drink.
    10 oz / 16 oz drink. 12 oz / 20 oz drink.
  • Salad Bar: 33 lbs per cubic foot**
  • Cafeteria: 1.5 lbs per customer
  • Bars: 3 lbs per customer
  • Lounge: 3 lbs per customer
  • Hospital: 10 lbs per bed
  • Nursing Home:6 lbs per bed
  • Home Use:6oz per 12 oz drink
    and 10 oz per 20 oz drink