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3M FF20G (ICE140-S) High Capacity Water Filter with Gauge

3M 3M FF20G (ICE140-S) High Capacity Water Filter with Gauge

Capacity :
25000 gallons

Type :

Model :

FF20G (ICE140-S)

Weight :
4.5 lbs

Micron Rating :
0.2 gpm

  • For cubers under 1500 lbs
  • For flakers under 1400 lbs

Price : $384.00

$268.80 Discount 30 %

Replacement Cartridges

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Shipping: $14.00


3M Filter Cartridge for FF20G

3M Filter Cartridge for FF20G (New)

Model: FCF20G (HF40-S)

Voltage: N/A

Shipping:$ 9.00

Price: $119.23

More Info

 The ICE140-S is a High Capacity Water Filter with Gauge for ice machine cubers up to 1,000 lbs.  3M™ Water Filtration Products Model ICE140-S  single cartridge water filtration systems help provide consistent high quality water for commercial ice by reducing the effects of sediment, chlorine taste and odor and scale at flow rates up to 2.1gpm (7.9 lpm). Built-in scale inhibition reduces the ability of calcium and magnesium to precipitate on the evaporator plates as hard scale.

  • ICE140-S combines chlorine taste and odor reduction with cyst, bacteria1 and sediment reduction, while reducing the effects of chlorine corrosion and scale for up to   25,000 gallons (94,635 liters).

Physical Specification

  • System includes a head assembly with integral mounting bracket, pressure gauge and  a single cartridge filter.
  • Inlet and outlet plumbing connections are 3/8” FNPT.
  • System incorporates an internal automatic 1/4 turn shut-off valve.
  • Filter cartridges are o-ring seal type.
  • System maximum operating pressure of 125 psi (862 kPa) and operating temperature of 100°F (37.8°C).
  • Recommended service flow rate is up to 2.1 gpm (7.9 lpm).
  • Filter cartridges incorporate a bacteriostatic carbon block filtration medium (HF40-S replacement cartridge) and scale inhibitor.
  • System materials are NSF Standard 42 and/or FDA CFR-21 compliant.
  • Cartridges are sanitary in design, requiring no contact with the filter media during cartridge change-out.
  • Filter cartridges require no pre-activation.
  • NSF Performance Data Sheet (PDS) is included.

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