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Scotsman TDE550AE Ice & Water Dispenser air cooled

Scotsman Scotsman TDE550AE Ice & Water Dispenser air cooled

Production :
450 lbs/day

Type :

Condition :

Model :


Dimensions :
W26" x D22.5" x H41"

Weight :
350 lbs

Ice Type : Nugget Ice

Included Warranty :
  • 90 days parts and labor

Price : $6,500.00

$2,499.00 Discount 62 %

Shipping: $159.00

This Scotsman TDE550 is a certified used air cooled Ice/Water Touchfree dispenser.  This produces and dispenses nugget ice at a rate of approx 20 lbs per hour via touchless sensors located on the front of the unit.  What is unique about this unit is the water and ice are dispensed from different spout.  Most use the same and have ice and water dispensed together.  These touchless units eliminate cross contamination of traditional push lever dispensers.  The machine holds approx 25 lbs of ice for immediate dispensing.  This unit is working perfectly and is great for offices, nursing homes, or hospitals.  

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