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Iceomatic ICEU220FA Air cooled

Iceomatic Iceomatic ICEU220FA Air cooled

Production :
238 lbs/day

Type :
Air cooled

Condition :
Certified Used

Model :


Dimensions :
W24" x D24" x H39"

Weight :
175 lbs

Ice Type : Medium-Cube

Included Warranty :
  • 90 days parts and labor

Price : $3,066.00

$2,099.00 Discount 32 %

Shipping: $200.00

This is an Iceomatic ICEU220FA Undercounter Ice Maker.   The machine works perfectly and will not last.   It produces 238 lbs of ice in 24 hrs with 72 lbs built in storage which is one of the largest bins in this class of machines.  This is great for small restaurants, coffee shops and sandwich shops where ice use is steady throughout the day.  The production rate is almost 20 lbs per hour so it should keep up with about 40 drink servings per hour.


•    PURE ICE - Exclusively by ICE-O-Matic: Built- in antimicrobial protection that prevents bacteria and slime fungus growth on the ice making surfaces for THE LIFE OF THE ICE MAKER. ICE-O-Matic's optional water filtration system provides further protection against bad tastes, odors and scale formation. ?You can be confident that your customers are getting crystal clear, hard, fresh tasting ice each time they are served. Today's food safety concerns demand no less.

•    ENERGY EFFICIENT - HARVEST ASSIST: Ice-O-Matic Harvest Assist provides consistent production 24/7 for the life of the ICE maker. ICE is helped off of the evaporator freezing surface instead of relying solely on gravity. This method overpowers scale buildup. Your operating costs are reduced because Harvest Assist delivers ice faster, with less melting than any other system available. 115 volt Cube ICE Makers are very energy efficient machines that offer maximum ICE production with minimal kilowatts per hour and water usage. This results in reduction of operating cost over the life of the ice maker.

•    CUBER EVAPORATOR: The Cuber evaporator uses electroless nickel plating on all evaporator plates. This hard coating resists the damaging effects of water and ice over an extended period of time.

•    FRONT AIR DISCHARGE: No side clearance required...Ice-O-Matic uses a minimum amount of space with an ultra-low profile. It is ideal for tight-fitting places.

•    FILTER-FREE AIR: No air filter to change.

•    EASY ACCESS: Bin can be easily removed from the front with four fasteners while the Ice Maker stays in place

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