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Iceomatic ICE2106FW Water cooled ice maker

Iceomatic Iceomatic ICE2106FW Water cooled ice maker

Production :
1939 lbs/day

Type :
Water cooled

Condition :
Certified Used

Model :


Dimensions :
W48" x D24" x H26"

Weight :
360 lbs

Ice Type : Medium-Cube

Included Warranty :
  • 90 days parts and labor
NSF    AGION    CUL   

Price : $9,758.00

$6,699.00 Discount 31 %

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More Info

You are looking at a certified used Iceomatic ICE2106FW Water Cooled Ice Maker.  This ICE2106FW produces approximately 1939 lbs of full cube ice in 24 hrs.  This water cooled ice maker makes it perfect for hot or enclosed environments where there is little or no airflow or too hot to operate otherwise.  Water cooled machine utlize water to cool the condenser so there is no heat discharged from this large machine.  Ambient temperatures can also be above normal without affecting the operation or production of the machine.   All our machines are serviced, inspected, cleaned and brought to perfect working order.  Select bins are available, please inquire with one of our staff.

(Bin sold separately)

ICE2106FW Specifications

  • 24 Hour Production: 1939 lbs
  • Full Cube
  • Volts: 208-230
  • Amps: 12.3

ICE2106FW Features

  • Self-contained water-cooled condenser
  • Nickel plated evaporator plate
  • Produces full cube ice
  • Pure Ice antimicrobial technology protects your ice from becoming contaminated by disease-causing microorganisms
  • 48-inch width allows machine to be used in conjunction with a large amount of different bins and dispensers
  • Water-cooled condenser keeps the condenser cool even in the hottest climates
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