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Franklin FIM1000 Air cooled ice maker

Franklin Franklin FIM1000 Air cooled ice maker

Production :
1000 lbs/day

Type :
Air cooled

Condition :

Model :


Dimensions :
W30" x D24" x H26"

Weight :
210 lbs

Ice Type : Medium-Cube

Included Warranty :
  • 90 days parts and labor

Price : $5,759.00

$1,999.00 Discount 65 %

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Shipping: $159.00

We have an excellent condition FranklinChef Refurbished FIM1000 Ice Maker.  This machine went through a very thorough refurbishing process and is working to the factory specification.  Many new components were added such as a new water pump.  The machine completed our quality control process with ease.  Save thousands off a new machine.  We have sold hundreds of these machines and they are extremely relaible.

These units produce crystal-clear, gourmet cube shaped ice (7/8"x1"x7/8").

(A bin is required to operate)

  • Up to 1,002 lbs of ice production per day
  • Clear, hard ice cube production
  • Stainless steel body
  • Air cooling: in from back, out from side
  • For built-in applications
  • Electronic controls

Electrical Specs and Power Consumption:   230VAC, 60Hz 5.4 kW-h/100 lbs of ice
Ice making/Ice harvest:  9.2A/11.3A

NOTE: This model require electrical inputs of 230VAC-60Hz and the power cord (not included) should be equipped with plugs that will only fit specialized high-voltage outlets

Every Franklin Chef Ice Maker is designed and manufactured according to the highest standards of safety and performance. It meets or exceeds the safety standard of UL563 and sanitation standard NSF12.

1 year parts and labor 
3 year parts on compressor and condenser

We highly recommend adding a water filter to your purchase.  This will not only ensure the clearest and best tasting ice, but will protect your ice machine from harmful mineral deposits and buildup over time.  It is a minor investment to make on a large purchase.  If the ice maker is placed in a location without a nearby gravity drain, installation of a pump may be needed to drain runoff water.  If your unit needs a pump or filter, you may purchase them directly from us.

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