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Taylor 62-27 four flavor shake machine

Taylor Taylor 62-27 four flavor shake machine

Flavors :
4 Flavors

Condenser :
Air Cooled

Type :

Condition :
Certified Used

Model :


Dimensions :
W22 7/16" x D31 1/4" x H34 7/8"

Weight :
346 lbs

Included Warranty :
  • 90 days parts and labor
NSF    CE    CUL   

Price : $8,999.00

$4,999.00 Discount 44 %

Shipping: $199.00

This is a 4 Flavor Taylor Frozen Shake Machine.  With the help of 4 flavors of syrup and easy to use buttons, you can serve 4 different flavor shakes to your customers utilizing one machine and one product flavor as the base.  The syrups are long lasting so there is very little waste since you do not have to stock 4 differnt flavor ice creams.

  • One 7qt freezing cylinder
  • One 20 qt mix hopper, where mix is stored before being made into product. Separate hopper refrigeration maintains mix below 5 degrees C
  • Indicator lights for when mix is low and other notifications
  • Accurate consistency control
  • Shake syrup dispensing system allows for creation of multiple flavors with a single mix hopper and freezing cylinder
  • Automatic dispensing
  • Counter Clearance: 4-1/4”, 108mm
  • Beater motor: One, 1 HP
  • Refrigeration system: One 11,000BTU/hr, SHR: One, 400BTU/hr
  • Air cooled: 6” on both sides
  • Water cooled: water inlet and drain connections under side of base 3/8”
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