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Taylor 341-12 Slushy frozen uncarbonated beverage machine

Taylor Taylor 341-12 Slushy frozen uncarbonated beverage machine

Condenser :
Air Cooled

Type :

Condition :
Certified Used

Model :


Dimensions :
W18 7/16" x D31" x H36 3/8"

Weight :
321 lbs

Included Warranty :
  • 90 days parts and labor
NSF    CE    CUL   

Price : $8,999.00

$2,599.00 Discount 71 %

Shipping: $199.00

This is a Taylor model 341-12 Frozen Slushie Uncarbonated Beverage Machine.  This air cooled machine is perfect for frozen cocktails, margaritas, fruit juices, coffees, cappuccino and sluch beverages served at the desired frozen temperature and consistency.  This model is in perfect working order.  it is also in excellent physical condition.  This machine is ready to be used as your next major profit center with frozen beverages.  This FUB machine has a 7 quart freezing cylinder and 20 quart mix hopper which is ample for high volume operations.  Once the machine is set, there is an automatic consistency control designed to maintain the viscosity and product quality for consistent drink after drink.  The controls are all adjustable allowing the operator to serve a wide variety of frozen beveraged at desired thicknesses.  These are 110v models which are plug and play. ** It does require a dedicated breaker to operate.

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