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  • Manitowoc 550 lbs C-SY0505W Water Cooled Ice Machine

Manitowoc Manitowoc 550 lbs Water Cooled Ice Machine bin combo 

:550 lbs/day

: Water cooled

: Refurbished

Ice Type : Half-Cube

: C-SY0505W

: W30" x D24.5" x H21.5"

: 190 lbs

Included Warranty - C-SY0505W
  • 90 days parts and labor

Warranty Disclaimer:
Upon purchase, it is understood that minor scratches and dents are to be expected.  The warranty is based on the complete operation of the unit including parts and labor, but not on the physical condition of the unit.  Many units are clear of dings especially on the front, but the warranty does not cover these issues.  The warranty for each machine is posted on this website and printed on your receipt.  Your product may come complete with warranty paperwork in the packaging.  Our warranty supercedes any boxed or implied warranty which is not valid.

Price: $6,918.00

  $2,299.00 Discount 67 %

Shipping: $189.00

Total : $2488.00

Combo Bin :

Manitowoc 430 lbs Ice Bin
122 lbs
Manitowoc Refurbished 430 lbs Ice Bin

You are looking at a refurbished Manitowoc SY0505W water cooled ice machine.  This SY0505W can produce up to 550 lbs of ice per day and is water cooled making it very versitile in where it can be placed.  This is great for very hot environments such as a kitchen or closet where there is no air circulation to cool the machine.  It also will not increase the temperature of the operating environment since it is water cooled.  This machine is in great condition and has been completed tested against the manufacture specs.  Save a thousand dollars off a new machine with one that will do the exact same job.

  • Up to 550 daily ice production
  • CEE Tier 3 energy and water efficiency rating
  • 30" wide
  • Removable water distribution tube with no tools
  • Food zone designed with soft, round, cove corners
  • Patented cleaning and sanitizing technology
  • Select components made with AlphaSan® antimicrobial
  • Hinged front door for easy access

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