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Manitowoc Manitowoc 340 lbs Ice Machine bin combo 

:340 lbs/day

: Air cooled

: Refurbished

Ice Type : Half-Cube

: C-SY0304A

: W30" x D24.5" x H16.5"

: 149 lbs

Included Warranty - C-SY0304A
  • 90 days parts and labor

Warranty Disclaimer:
Upon purchase, it is understood that minor scratches and dents are to be expected.  The warranty is based on the complete operation of the unit including parts and labor, but not on the physical condition of the unit.  Many units are clear of dings especially on the front, but the warranty does not cover these issues.  The warranty for each machine is posted on this website and printed on your receipt.  Your product may come complete with warranty paperwork in the packaging.  Our warranty supercedes any boxed or implied warranty which is not valid.

Price: $3,900.00

  $1,899.00 Discount 51 %

Shipping: $179.00

Total : $2078.00

Combo Bin :

140 lbs
Manitowoc B400 Stainless Steel Bin.

This is a Manitowoc SY0304A refurbished 340 lbs Ice Machine.  This is a great entry ice maker machine due to its size.  It is slightly larger than a self-contained machine, but is modular so it has the option for a much larger bin capacity.  This machine maker 1/2 dice cubes and is working flawlessly.

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