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Scotsman DCE33A-1WB Air cooled ice machine

Scotsman Scotsman DCE33A-1WB Air cooled ice machine

Production :
33 lbs/day

Type :
Air cooled

Condition :

Model :


Dimensions :
W15" x D19" x H33 3/8"

Weight :
110 lbs

Ice Type : Gourmet Ice

Included Warranty :
  • 30 days parts and labor

Price : $4,686.00

$899.00 Discount 81 %

Shipping: $119.00

Scotsman DCE33A-1WB 33 lbs Undercounter Ice Machine.  It produces solid and slow melting gourmet style ice at a rate of approximately 16 lbs per 24 hours filling the built-in 26 lbs storage bin in approximately 36 hours. This model comes with the white door option.  This unit is designed to fit undercounter making it a great option for your kitchen installation.  The door swings open with a right hinge allowing easy access to the built-in storage bin.  This machine is one of the few which makes individual cubes which is very desirebale vs waffle style or grid style ice.  Once full, the machine has auto shut-off.  

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